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Biscuits! Royal Dolittle Mix - Doypack - 1,5kg

 Biscuits! Royal Dolittle Mix - Doypack - 1,5kg
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Royal Dolittle biscuits from Duvo+ are small bones which can be used as training biscuits or as delicious snacks. The biscuits are also suitable for puppies thanks to their small size. The biscuits protect the teeth and satisfy the dog's chewing instinct.

- Delicious oven-baked biscuits
- Satisfies your dog’s chewing instinct
- Strengthens teeth and gums
- Ideal training treats
- Supplementary animal feeder

ArtNr: 3115411
EAN: 5414365064020
SidNr i Katalog: A-938
Tillverkare: Duvo+
Varumärke: Biscuits!
Tillverkningsland: Nederländerna
Beskrivning: Biscuits! Royal Dolittle Mix
Modell: Doypack
Vikt: 1,5kg

Antal i Förpackning: 4
Antal i YtterBox: 4
Antal på Pall: 224
Pris/st Lager Antal i ny
   Tillbaka   Recensioner  46