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Filt - Flectabed - 66x51cm - Brun/Beige

 Filt - Flectabed - 66x51cm - Brun/Beige
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This Duvo+ Flectabed quality pillow with velvety removable cover contains a core of Flectalon®. An isolation material developed by NASA to keep astronauts warm. It will keep your pet nice and warm all year round. Vets highly recommend this pillow for older or recovering dogs. This Duvo+ Flectabed is easy to use at home, during travelling, and in the kennel. It is also waterproof and the cover can be washed easily.

High-quality, innovative cushion
Made with Flectalon® thermal fabric
Warm and cosy
Perfect for older or sick animals
Waterproof and easy to wash

ArtNr: 4198011
EAN: 5414365201029
SidNr i Katalog: A-221
Tillverkare: Duvo
Tillverkningsland: UK
Beskrivning: Filt
Modell: Flectabed
Storlek: 66x51cm
Färg: Brun/Beige
Material: Flectalon

Antal i Förpackning: 1
Antal i YtterBox: 34
Antal på Pall: 136

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