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Duvo+ Beauty Salon
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2-In-1 Grooming Brush - Small

 2-In-1 Grooming Brush - Small
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With this Duvo+ 2in1 Grooming brush, your pet gets the complete care package. One side contains thin spikes that massage the skin and remove dead hairs from the coat. The other side is a soft nylon brush that provides natural shine and healthy fur. Extremely suitable for rodents, rabbits and ferrets .. The ergonomic handle lies gently in the hand and is made of durable TPR rubber.

- Cleans the fur & massages the skin for improved circulation
- Guarantees a healthy, shiny coat
- Ergonomic handle made of durable TPR rubber
- Suitable for all fur types
- Regular combing = healthy coat and less work

ArtNr: 10064
EAN: 5414365261948
SidNr i Katalog: A-791
Tillverkare: Duvo+
Varumärke: Beauty Salon
Tillverkningsland: Kina
Beskrivning: 2-In-1 Grooming Brush
Storlek: Small

Antal i Förpackning: 1
Antal i YtterBox: 72
Antal på Pall: 864

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