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Hundgrind - 74-110x79cm

 Hundgrind - 74-110x79cm
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We all have rooms at home which our dog cannot access for safety reasons. This safety closure from Duvo+ prevents access to these rooms in the house. You can access these rooms thanks to the easy open and close lock. The closure can be used in door openings, corridors and stairwells with a width between 75 and 110 cm with the use of two extensions. The pack contains 1 safety closure with lock and cable, 2 extensions and 4 adjustment screws. No additional tools are required for the installation. In addition, you can avoid any damage to your door frames or walls thanks to flexible protection capsules placed over the adjustment screws.

Min 74cm - Max 110cm
Easy to open and close
Inc. 2 extension pieces
Made from strong materials
Simple installation

ArtNr: 11474
EAN: 5414365320935
SidNr i Katalog: A-13
Tillverkare: Duvo
Tillverkningsland: Kina
Beskrivning: Hundgrind
Storlek: 74-110x79cm

Antal i Förpackning: 1
Antal i YtterBox: 3
Antal på Pall: 36

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