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Klösträd ebi - 97cm - Trend Natural Hazel - 50x50x97,5cm - Ø7,5cm - Brunrandig

 Klösträd ebi -  97cm - Trend Natural Hazel - 50x50x97,5cm - Ø7,5cm - Brunrandig
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For cats a quality scratcher is necessary to take care of their nails and to mark their territory. Sisal & jute are natural and very robust fibres that help the cat remove the flaky top layer of the nails. This prevents ingrowing nails. A scratcher is therefore a must for every cat! This scratching tree ‘Trend Hazel’, made of natural material, contains all the aspects that are important to your cat in its life. It can scratch on the post, but it is also a wonderful place to sleep. The scratching tree has several platforms and posts, a sleeping house and play balls on elastic so the cat can play to its heart’s content.

Scratching tree with very strong sisal completely glued to the post
Finished with jute
Sturdy bases and with high-quality plush
Post of Ø 75 mm
With different sleeping and lying areas and play balls

ArtNr: 431/441893
EAN: 4047059441893
SidNr i Katalog: A-88
Tillverkare: ebi
Beskrivning: Klösträd ebi
Modell: 97cm - Trend Natural Hazel
Storlek: 50x50x97,5cm
Diameter: Ø7,5cm
Färg: Brunrandig
Material: Jute/Sisal

Antal i Förpackning: 1
Antal i YtterBox: 1
Antal på Pall: 12

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