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Tit Nest Box Sloping Roof - 13x12x26cm


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The titmouse nest with a sloping roof from Duvo+ is ideal for the garden. Titmice can nest here in peace and you can enjoy the birds in your garden. The nest box has a round opening and a suspension hook. Hang the nest box at a minimum height of 1.8 metres so that cats cannot access it. Hang the nest box in a calm environment where the birds are not or rarely disturbed. Titmice like a free flight path clear of branches and leaves in front of the flight hole.

• Circular opening
• With hanging hook
• Sealed
• For tits
• With sloping roof

ArtNr: 401/170
EAN: 5413382100193
SidNr i Katalog: B-199
Tillverkare: Duvo
Tillverkningsland: Kina
Beskrivning: Tit Nest Box Sloping Roof
Storlek: 13x12x26cm

Antal i Förpackning: 2
Antal i YtterBox: 32
Antal på Pall: 192
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