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Reflekterande Ben - Night & Day Play - 33cm - Gul/Reflex

 Reflekterande Ben - Night & Day Play - 33cm - Gul/Reflex
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Night-time visibility and safety are two of the key concepts of the Duvo+ SEEcurity range. With this Duvo+ toy, you will be able to keep playing with your dog safely even after the sun has set. Its bright yellow colour and reflective piping guarantee optimal visibility in the dark. This durable nylon toy with squeak noise will provide a great challenge for your dog as well as many hours of playtime fun.

- Durable nylon toy
- Optimal visibility in the dark thanks to its bright colour and reflective piping
- With squeak noise for hours of playtime fun even after the sun has set

ArtNr: 11539
EAN: 5414365323189
SidNr i Katalog: A-355/611
Tillverkare: Duvo+
Varumärke: SEEcur!ty
Tillverkningsland: Kina
Beskrivning: Reflekterande Ben
Modell: Night & Day Play
Storlek: 33cm
Färg: Gul/Reflex
Material: Slitstark Nylon

Antal i Förpackning: 3
Antal i YtterBox: 24
Antal på Pall: 384

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