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Dog Training Clicker - 6cm - 6CM - Black

 Dog Training Clicker - 6cm - 6CM - Black
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“Clicker Training” is a gentle and quick training technique. The Clicker is a small tool which produces special signal: click–clack! At first, one shows the pet that the signal means a treat will be given. When the pet learns this (typically after three repetitions), the signal becomes a powerful means to create an association between behaviour and reward. Particularly, this “Clicker Training“ uses rewards not punishment. Rewarding positive behaviour makes it a pleasure to continue training. By using punishment, the pet does not understand what it must do not to be punished. Missing is the reinforcement of positive behaviour. So, one discourages the pet with the punishment method, and your pet dislikes work.

- Spiral-shaped clicker
- Quick click closure
- Consistent sound
- Ideal for training

ArtNr: 323/415399
EAN: 4047059415399
SidNr i Katalog: A-332
Tillverkare: Ebi
Beskrivning: Dog Training Clicker
Modell: 6cm
Storlek: 6CM
Färg: Black

Antal i Förpackning: 5
Antal i YtterBox: 100
Antal på Pall: 3200
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